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Casa Decor 2020

Casa Decor 2020

Velázquez 21 Con mucha felicidad y orgullo damos por finalizada esta edición de Casa Decor 2020. Una edición particular, edición particular claus...

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~ Glam ~ Con aires nuevos

~ Glam ~ With new airs

With great pride, we see our work in the incredible cover (and content) of the Interior Magazine for the month of May, where you can find the full ...

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Ancient Knowledge

Washing Process

All our carpets have as necessary process, hand washing with water not s&o... to clean the material, but fundamentally removes impurities.

Natural dyes


We give you our textures with natural dyes reaching a variety of up to 1400 colors.

Organic process


Our manufacturing process is totally orgánico. We put in every process, a special care in sustainability