V Awards Interiors: art and decoration beyond the beauty

We've had the honor of receiving the award to the Carpet of the Year.

In its fifth edition, the Awards Interiors highlighted how the design drinks each time more of the artistic expression, blurring the thin line that separates both disciplines,

The search for harmony is a principle so important in the arts as well as in the design. In fact, many contemporary designers are faced with your work as the painter to the canvas, and the society grants increasingly value artistic forms of expression by the interior designer or the industrial designer, for example. With the intention of demonstrating how the boundaries between both disciplines have been blurring in the TWENTY-first century, the Prizes Inside, that held yesterday its fifth edition in the hotel Westin Palace in Madrid, have been awarded to personalities and brands who combine craftsmanship, artistic creation, design and architecture in an innovative way and with attention to the environment, a fundamental concern of all the winners.

Judith chewed off acted as host of the exclusive gala, which explored the ways in which art and design relate. The dinner, attended by a large number of designers, communicators, and "socialités", as Ortega, Pepe Leal, Erico Navazo, Adriana Nicolau, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Quique Sarasola, Raquel Sánchez Silva, Roberto Brasero, Olga Breeze and Fiona Ferrer, the president of Planeta Group and Atresmedia, Joseph Creuheras, and the president of Prism Publications, Laura Falcó Lara.

The jury, consisting of, among others, by personalities from the field of design, such as the decorator Pascua Ortega and the architects, Juli Capella and Benedetta Tagliabue, awarded the capacity of the twelve winners to transform a space and give not only beauty, but personality and sensitivity.

Respect to the prizes reserved for companies in the sector, the jury chose to highlight the work of companies a hundred years old and global as Villeroy & Boch, which won the Best Showroom of the year, but also initiatives such craft as Kaymanta, an argentine manufacturer of traditional carpets, founded by Claudio Cid, who picked it up last night with the award. "In this era of technological revolution, we can appreciate the parts that have broken the mold, and make us the life more easy," said chewed off by awarding the prize of Technological Innovation to Jordi Garcia, of Nofer, a leading company in manufacturing of health. The Italian Smeg, specialist in electrical appliances; ceramic Discesur and the lighting of Signify were also awarded. "All space is constructed on the possibilities offered by the light", said the presenter to give recognition to Jordi Manrique, director of communications, Signify. All of the companies awarded have in common their passion for sustainability and the environment.

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