Area of «Dandy Lounge» – Space Natuzzi is Italy

Raúl Martins

INSPIRATION: The colors of the Trulli of the south of Italy, where Natuzzi has its origin. A relaxed palette, of natural colors and sober.

TENDENCIES: The space tunes in to the sostenibilidad, the craft, the natural, recycled and recycable materials.

MATERIALS: Skin, identical roles, wood without dying, handmade pieces of mud, recycled textiles, polylinen …

SOSTENIBILIDAD: The skins and cloths of the space have been dyed by natural pigments, with sustainable, and some skills they are realized by elements and recycled materials. In the space also there is craft of just market and decorative pieces re-used to encourage the circular economy. Control of the waste.

RUM MATUSALEM ART (identical role)
ORAC DECOR (frames) COSENTINO (stone revetment)
KA (textile) INTERNATIONAL KAYMANTA you (carpet)
VALENTINE (painting) INES VALLS FORTUNY (pictorial work)

Dandy Lounge by Raúl Martins for #Casadecor2020